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There is quite a bit of Information for genealogists on this site - it is best accessed using the search feature above.  Note that I have almost zero additional information - it is all on the web site.  If you contact me, I will be polite but I don’t have any additional information. The best additional source of info for researchers is at the Cobourg Library where they have a local history room stocked with many historical books and documents. They do have some photos on-line but not much more - you need to visit.

Harbour, Waterfront and Beach

Cobourg BeachCobourg BeachCobourg is known for its harbour and beach.  The harbour was once used by large ships - at least by Lake Ontario standards and it was originally used as an industrial port but is now purely for leisure craft.  Medium sized craft can visit or call us home since Cobourg now has its own dredger to keep the harbour deep enough.

Cobourg's beach is known as the best from Toronto to about 2 hours East of Toronto and crowds on hot summer days attest to this.


A History by Percy Climo

The early settlers in the Cobourg area made use of water transportation for the movement of goods, chattels, products of the farm and forest and people. The crescent moon-shaped bay with sandy beaches, approximately one and quarter miles in length, attracted newcomers in season for overnight camping, and a resting place while en route to inland locations.

In calm weather, larger boats anchored in deeper water while goods and people were moved in small or jolly-boats to and from shore. Stormy weather made such landings very difficult if not impossible. The movements were cumbersome even under favourable circumstances.

A Short History

CYC was formed in 1964 by local men and women, with a mission to provide boaters and visitors with a place to gather and share their love of sailing. (More on the formation in Addendum below).  As the membership grew, improvements were made to the first clubhouse. In the early 1980’s, with an increased interest in boating and a change in the purpose of the harbour area from industrial to pleasure, plans were made to build a new clubhouse. Together with a BILD grant, donations and hours of CYC member volunteer work, the current clubhouse behind the marina was completed. The original clubhouse continues to be a sailing centre for the sailing school and centreboard craft.

On the waterfront; a look back at the history of Cobourg's waterfront

Cobourg harbour's early days had booms and busts - Aug 2/2005 by Vince Versace, Staff Writer, Northumberland News

Soot, sea and slime, Cobourg harbour 1950-1980 

Aug 9, 2005 by Vince Versace, Staff Writer, Northumberland News

Cobourg waterfront renaissance

Aug 16, 2005 by Vince Versace, Staff Writer, Northumberland News

Cobourg's East Beach was not always as it is now. This beach is the main one and is very busy on a hot summer day; it attracts tourists from Toronto and other locations.

In 2010, a group of Cobourg Citizens started the Cobourg Beach Society with the intent of making the West Beach open to all from the “traditional waterline to the water” despite the fact that there is still one landowner who insists that their property deed extends into the water and have fenced off their portion so that you are trespassing if you walk the full length of the West Beach.  That group disbanded in 2013 but before they did, they commissioned a Video which talked about the history of Cobourg’s Beaches.

See the video below.

The birth of Victoria Park in Cobourg

By: Ciara Ward, B.A.H., MLIS - archivist with CDHS Archives - Northumberland News, March 3, 2011

The story of how Cobourg became a town is intertwined with the story of how Victoria Park came to be.

In 1857, Edward M. Hodder, Commodore of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, published in Harbours and Ports of Lake Ontario a short description of Cobourg Harbour complete with directions to it and a sketch of its layout.